Best of Ephesus: 1-Day Private Guided Tour

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Duration: 6 hours
Tour starts: Hotel
Tour ends: Hotel

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Sights to see:
Day 1
Ephesus Ancient City
House of Mary
Temple of Artemis
Saint John Basilica


Day 1

Ephesus Ancient City; Ephesus is the largest open-air museum in Turkey and is made up of more than 30 buildings and constructions that are connected by streets that still have chariot wheel tread impressions. Your tour guide will take you to the majestic Great Theater, where St. Paul once preached against the pagans and gladiators fought. The renovated fa├žade of the Library of Celsus will astound you as you stroll along Marble Street. Visit the Hadrian's Temple, the Roman baths, and other fascinating antiquities.

House of Mary; One of the Christian pilgrimage sites is the House of Virgin Mary, where Virgin Mary spent her final days. Virgin Mary's Church The Apostle John is credited with bringing Mary to Ephesus following Christ's Resurrection. Popes Paul VI and John Paul II attested to the church's construction on the home's foundation, where she spent her last days. From 1967 to 2006, Pope Paul VI, Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI paid visits to the shrine and "informally" endorsed its veracity. They left some presents which can still be seen today.

Temple of Artemis; One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World is the Temple of Artemis. The area where the Temple is located is referred to as Ephesians' initial settlement. Even though the magnificent Hellenistic building was once more magnificent than the Parthenon, it is now simply a collection of columns and scattered remains.

Saint John Basilica; Basilica of St.John. Evangelist St. John resided in Ephesus in the early years of the first century A.D. in order to spread Christianity and gather more followers of Jesus. And following his return from captivity in Patmos, various sources claim that he passed away in the area of Ephesus. Additionally, his disciples had him interred on Ayosolug Hill's southern slope. In the fourth century A.D., Roman Emperor Justinian built one of the largest Christian basilicas over the grave of St. Jean the Evangelist.

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